Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Hair Makeover: Versatile Korean style hair rebonding with perm

Hi Lovelies~

If you follow my instagram (Graceilike), you will know that i have chopped off almost half of my hair! I did a rebond and a perm at the bottom. A very "korean" hairstyle i would say. haha~

During early June, i look like this~

And now, i am like this~
Say "hello!!" to my new look!

Ok. Let me start why do i want to chop off my hair. Last year on december, i did the craziest decision by perming my hair, wishing that it will have that nice wavy natural look. And yes it does! only when you apply plenty of hairstyle products. It is really a chore to do that! My hair starts to entangle a lot too! That's the worst as i always love my hair to be smooth and healthy. But it's not anymore! My hair break easily too and due to the length, it fall a lot too! I just can't stand it and decided to chop off my hair.

My sister-in-law, Chloe, introduce me to into hair salon that is located at Novena Square. It is actually a Korean hair salon which, from my view, has a lot of koreans visiting them! I even see korean uncles going there! The stores look like this!

Ok. I have to say i am not a fan of their store design. Not very attractive~

However, you should never decide with first look! It's the good reviews that i heard from people that really counts! My hair stylist is Joyce Park. She is a sweet friendly lady that allow me to feel comfortable. I seriously prefer this approach than some that always gives off a emo professional look. haha~ Does it even make sense!?

So, They proceed in doing the rebonding procedure but try to end it about 3 inch above my hair. This is so that they are able to perm my bottom hair without spoiling my hair too much. I really like the thought of it. I didn't take much picture as i am kinda of embarrass since it is a new salon, new place and new hairstylist. haha~

This is how it looks after the first few process of rebonding.

But after the use a straightener to strength my hair except for the ends, they attach my end with this octopus like machine! haha~ i am kinda amuse on how i look on this! This machine helps to perm my end~

 Do i look like medusa???? hehex!

After that, they add the final steps of the process~It is also when they decided to give me a towel to cover my fat thigh... Kinda slow but appreciate it~

I look like some 70s auntie. haha~

So this is how it looks! I really love it and do not regret cuting my hair and spending money on this!

AWESOME! However, as my hair is rather loose, i will apply come hair cream on it so that it look more volume. I further tong my bottom hair with a mere 7min to make the curls much nicer and bouncier! HEART MY HAIR!

In the future, maybe after my second sister wedding, i plan to cut them shorter and with this finishing~ haha! This hair makeover cause me $388. Kinda expensive but yet consider cheap for doing this kind of style!

Hope you will like this post!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Outing: Punggol End with Timbak 4

Hi Lovelies~

It have been half a year that i have not meet my Poly friends. Exactly during my school time, i didn't meet them at all. Kinda sad but we treasure the time we meet much more. However, this time, i can only meet 4 of them out of the 6. So let,s not talk more and let me share some pictures!!! Yippe!!!

 From Left: Adrian, Grace, Samantha, Daryl

 Picnic time! I cook season maggi that they have been craving for and Daryl's mum cook DELICIOUS chicken curry! Adrian eat most of the curry~

 They have been friends since seccondary time!!! OMG! 12 years friend!

 Strong bond as ever!

 My Bestie!~

 Daryl: Our Square face sponge box~ lol

 Adrian: The butch. (He does looks like right? hahaha~)

 Grace: The k-pop maniac~

  Samantha: Superwoman in da house!

 I love this pic!

 The barn that we intend to come for a night stay in the future~

 This horse is a real pretty!

 Like the outcome of this pic!~

Really hope to go closer and give him bobo

This is a really small horse! Somehow, it gives me a feeling that it's mixed?

He's really friendly and loves to eat!

And here we are at other side of Punggol End.

Some pose hur~ haha~
Model shot?

I kinda love this picture!

Yoga shot~ haha!
A better yoga shot! Adrian pose like a monkey king!

We respect all gods! No hates to all beliefs!

Hi Charles~
Enjoying the scenery!

Part 1: Daryl happily block my face!
Part 2: And Again Daryl happily block me and i push his hand away causing him to turn automatically and block Samantha and making Adrian pose weirdly. haha

Daryl Kungfu Pose

Grace Kungfu Pose
Daryl teaching Samantha Kungfu Pose
Samantha Kungfu Pose
Adrian Kungfu Pose

And yeap! That's all! Do go visit Punggol End and see a different side of Singapore! It's fun! With family or friends! Really hope that you enjoy all this photo!