Monday, July 28, 2014

Review: UNII palette

Finally got my hands on the uni palette that I wanted for years. Didn't buy them previously as I didn't have much to deport. However, after few years of being a makeup addict, I realize that a lot of them have been neglected due due to inconvenience of getting them. Coincidentally, my buddy went to US so I immediately order them! I got 3 of them which cost cheaper in different colour, so that I can somehow colour quote my eyeshadow and without opening and what eyeshadow do I have inside:)

I got mine delivered to my friend's apartment and within 7days, he got the package nicely pack with no damage at all! Even the packaging has no damage! Thumbs up for that!


The packaging is really sleek and classy. I love simple packaging like this as it will never go wrong! It consists a cover slot- in, a box and a plastic that helps to prevent stretches! I would say if the product inside isn't in good quality the packaging itself will not be able to protect them from cracking. So, from the packaging you can see that how great is the palette! Not only that, they design it in a way that is so Eco-friendly! All you need to do is to tear the cover slot-in and here comes your directions to depot your makeup pan! Really love the design idea of this.


Nothing can win the palette design! It's so sleek and pretty! The quality is definitely 'A' grade. The grade of Muji acrylic series. However, more fun looking due to the lovely selections of colour! I bought a lavender, turquoise and a coral one. I kinda regretted not buying the yellow palette as I felt it look so pretty too! 

The magnet sheet given is really thin too! You will have to cut to the same size to the pan to make it just as strong. I'm quite surprise on how thin the magnet plate can be. Pic can't even see the difference of those eyeshadow with magnet and those without!

Opening the palette is really easy too. The catch is not as difficult as I thought. It open up real smooth. The huge mirror inside is the best! So this palette is the best for traveling use! I have already use 2 of the palette and are reluctant to use my third one even though I have some more eyeshadow to deport as I want that to be my traveling palette.

The Negative 

However, there are still some area to improve. One of them will be the weight of the palette. I can't really put a blame to that due to the quality of it. Just like Muji acrylic storage. They are freaking heavy too! Another is the product magnet plate inside. As I got difficulty cleaning some glue stain on the plate of the palette, I simply clean it with rubbing alcohol and the colour just came off! Kinda sad about it but lucky, the pure white plate doesn't look that bad. Lesson learned. Hahahaha!

Also, as uni palette has only 1 size, I think it's good for eyeshadow but not anything too big. It's good for eyeshadow storage and traveling use but might not be suitable for blush/bronzer storage. But that's the main purpose of uni palette! To make traveling easier and convenient.

Yeap!  That's the end of my review! If you wanna see the process of me have my eyeshadow depot, please feel free to lick at the video below!

If I didn't touch any point that you wish to hear, please comment below! :) 
And yes! today is my birthday!!!! Thanks for those who wish me!


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Random thoughts flowing and i am back in Youtube!

Hi Lovelies~

Somehow, i miss blogging a lot! However, i seriously do not know what to blog about. I have been kinda down these past weeks but yet happy. I don't really know i am that great of a person anymore. Somehow, My living quote that is "to treat everyone the best wholeheartedly without thinking for returns" kinda backfire me cause i realise i might hurt others too. Now i know why my buddy and bff are so protective towards me. Cause they know that i cannot handle bad feelings especially guilt.

Sorry loves~ This will be my only negative post. I promise.

Though most of my friends tell me to forget about what happen but i know that i do not want. I felt that if i am to forget about it, i am actually running away from the situation. In a way, i am cheating myself. So i will rather face them, remember them and think them positively. Though it's really difficult but i just felt that this is the right way to handle things. What do you think? Am i just a stupid girl thinking this way?

Somehow, i am lost. I am not sure why. Or is it that i just do not like the way my life is? Something is bothering me but i just can't figure what that thing is.

Anyhow!~~~~ I finally post the video that i film a while back! Hope you will enjoy them!!! xoxo~

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Hair Makeover: Versatile Korean style hair rebonding with perm

Hi Lovelies~

If you follow my instagram (Graceilike), you will know that i have chopped off almost half of my hair! I did a rebond and a perm at the bottom. A very "korean" hairstyle i would say. haha~

During early June, i look like this~

And now, i am like this~
Say "hello!!" to my new look!

Ok. Let me start why do i want to chop off my hair. Last year on december, i did the craziest decision by perming my hair, wishing that it will have that nice wavy natural look. And yes it does! only when you apply plenty of hairstyle products. It is really a chore to do that! My hair starts to entangle a lot too! That's the worst as i always love my hair to be smooth and healthy. But it's not anymore! My hair break easily too and due to the length, it fall a lot too! I just can't stand it and decided to chop off my hair.

My sister-in-law, Chloe, introduce me to into hair salon that is located at Novena Square. It is actually a Korean hair salon which, from my view, has a lot of koreans visiting them! I even see korean uncles going there! The stores look like this!

Ok. I have to say i am not a fan of their store design. Not very attractive~

However, you should never decide with first look! It's the good reviews that i heard from people that really counts! My hair stylist is Joyce Park. She is a sweet friendly lady that allow me to feel comfortable. I seriously prefer this approach than some that always gives off a emo professional look. haha~ Does it even make sense!?

So, They proceed in doing the rebonding procedure but try to end it about 3 inch above my hair. This is so that they are able to perm my bottom hair without spoiling my hair too much. I really like the thought of it. I didn't take much picture as i am kinda of embarrass since it is a new salon, new place and new hairstylist. haha~

This is how it looks after the first few process of rebonding.

But after the use a straightener to strength my hair except for the ends, they attach my end with this octopus like machine! haha~ i am kinda amuse on how i look on this! This machine helps to perm my end~

 Do i look like medusa???? hehex!

After that, they add the final steps of the process~It is also when they decided to give me a towel to cover my fat thigh... Kinda slow but appreciate it~

I look like some 70s auntie. haha~

So this is how it looks! I really love it and do not regret cuting my hair and spending money on this!

AWESOME! However, as my hair is rather loose, i will apply come hair cream on it so that it look more volume. I further tong my bottom hair with a mere 7min to make the curls much nicer and bouncier! HEART MY HAIR!

In the future, maybe after my second sister wedding, i plan to cut them shorter and with this finishing~ haha! This hair makeover cause me $388. Kinda expensive but yet consider cheap for doing this kind of style!

Hope you will like this post!